Introducing Bond Cleaning Perth!

Bond Cleaning is a must! If you ever want to get your security deposit back, you must return your unit or house in a clean state. This is where your real estate agent or your landlord would execute the condition form that you signed when you moved in!

With Bond Cleaning in Perth, you can move out in a breeze!

What Is Bond Cleaning?

Bond cleaning is a service offered to any resident in or near the Perth area. We clean your house or your unit to make sure that you get your bond deposit back.

You probably signed a form back when you were starting your lease contract, this is the form that you need to comply with when you move out.

Real Estate Condition Form

When you move in, you were required to fill in a Real Estate Condition Form which requires you to pay a bond. The bond ensures that if you leave your unit or house, the real estate agent or the owner would have something to hold on to in case of damage to the unit.

You Need Us!

You need a bond cleaning expert who can help you feel that you are not just a customer. We help you clean your unit and leave it fresh. There is no need to worry about losing your bond because that is not possible with the Bond Cleaning Perth service experience.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that our clients get the service they deserve. With a full cleaning service, our customers would know what having a good cleaning service feels like.

We guarantee that our customers would feel no stress. We guarantee you that your whole experience will be a breeze. We do not want to add unnecessary stress to you or your family so we guarantee that our work will always be stress-free for our customers.

We will not waste your time. We provide you with the charges upfront and a list of the things that we can do including all of the things that we will need from you as well as information.

We relieve you of your worries of not getting your deposit back. Bond cleaning is an art and we make sure that our purposes are served by the fact that you end up getting your bond back.

We guarantee an experienced, fully-vetted and professionally trained staff aimed at pleasing you with a clean unit at the end of the session.

We prioritize customer satisfaction. Our customers are our priority and we will not leave the premises until you are 100% satisfied.

Our service comes with a 72 hour guarantee. If after completion of our service, the property manager, landlord or agent is not happy with the cleaning, we will return and re-clean the problem areas, free of charge, as long as it is within the 72 hour guarantee period.

Why Choose Bond Cleaning Perth?

Bond Cleaning Perth is the best full-service cleaning company in Perth and in surrounding areas. You can be sure that when you choose our service, you are choosing the best value money can buy!

Bond Back Guarantee – any cleaning package you get will surely help you get your bond back. Of course, we are going to review and assess your cleaning needs to help you find the right package that will fit you and your requirements. Whatever package you get, you will surely get your money back.

No Time Limit – some other cleaning service limits their time of service. We do not believe in this system. We believe that our clients deserve a service that is unlimited in time. We believe that cleaning for three hours or six hours may not be enough in some cases, while it may already be too much in others. Regardless of the requirement, we believe that there should be no time limit for a cleaning service.

Free Quotation. We know how it feels to be working on a tight budget which is why we provide you with a free quotation. Do not hesitate to contact us as we will not charge for a quotation.

Free Re-Cleaning, if necessary. We are so proud of our ability that we can guarantee our cleaning if you think or if your real estate agent thinks that we need to do more. Our value does not just come with the full cleaning service that you provide but also with this guarantee.

Our dedicated customer support. We also know how it feels to try and schedule a move while all of the other things are happening in your life. We know how it feels to set aside only your night on other tasks such as your big move. Because of this we provide  customer support that is fully dedicated for our clients.

Flexible Scheduling. Here in our company, we provide a flexible scheduling system. We are available for you and your needs every day including weekends, and holidays. We make the adjustments for you so you do not have to worry about anything else.

What are you waiting for? For a full service brought by our expert hands, let us help you clean out the past and bring you a good future.